Don't give up! NCLEX - Nov 2017

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    Hello guys, I wanted to start this topic to help you believe in yourself and that you can do it, and tell you what I did to pass my Nclex.

    Don't give up! NCLEX - Nov 2017

    We all see the Nclex like this big monster that we don't know how to tame, and then sometimes we feel hopeless ( it happend to me ) . but you guys if you are reading this, is cause Im an example that is possible! and that you can do it! Really you must NOT give up! because you can also doo it! Im sure of that , if you dont pass the first time just keep trying till you do, because this is about being persistent and trying one more time. Like I read once "try and fail, but don't fail to try''. For me it was a little hard cause English is my second language , and cause I did nursing in Puerto Rico all in Spanish, so it was definitely more challenging , but hey guys i did it! so can you! . It probably would be easier for you cause of the language and schooling here in the states, soo thats good!

    I used different sources to study for the Nclex. First thing i did after graduating from nursing school, was buying the Saunders comprehensive review for the Nclex Rn edition 6 , then after that I read most of the book (not memorizing just reading and trying to understand what they were saying) the labs part of the book is really important as you must know, you need to know and memorize then for the Nclex( the most common ones). also get general knowledge about all the parts in the book, like maternity and their complications , whats normal , whats not . developmental stages, mental health, different pediatrics diseases, delegation, infection control and all that ( just read through all that and try and understand, this is really important) after doing that I purchase the NCSBNS review for the Nclex Rn examination and read through all their lessons and questions.

    It was really helpful (their questions have a good level of difficulty ) and hey they give you information more summarize and what you need to study for the nclex, ( they KNOW! lol at the end they are the ones who makes the question for the Nclex). after that I went and bought the Qbank of uworld and the book of prioritization, delegation and assignment of Linda A laCharity and started practicing more question using those two resources . I got to tell you the more you practice questions the better you get at it, its really true , you start analyzing like they want you to, and those two last resources i mention they are super good at doing just that ! doo the entire thing of both and you will learn tons, read the rationals of the questions you get correct and the ones you get wrong ( and try to understand why that answer was correct or incorrect) . Hey alsoo I almost forgot I did read the Kaplan book (Kaplan Nclex-RN premier 2016) and that help me to get the strategies that i needed to used for the Nclex, that book is really easy to read and you will read through it fast! and has 265 questions at the end that you can practice is good! is very important that you pay attention to the strategies since it would help you in eliminating the incorrect answers first and help you in selecting the correct answer in the Nclex.

    Thats what i did to prepare for my test guys, alsoo remember to be positive , and have somedays to relax yourself, remember preparing for the Nclex is part of your life but is not everything, and you will get there sooner than later, just study hard and have faith and pray to whatever you believe in, it does help.

    I wish you guys a successful journey on studying for your Nclex! you can dooo it!believe in yourself !
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    Congrats on a job well done.