Are you studying for a test? NET, NCLEX?

  1. Wanting to know how many people are currently studying for the NET? The NCLEX-RN? The NCLEX-PN?

    How much time do you spend studying? What are you doing to study for it?
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  3. by   Yellow Rose RN
    Have been studying for the NCLEX since my first semester in the ADN program. I suggest to everyone entering a nursing program to get an NCLEX reveiw book and follow along with whatever topic that you are covering in your classes. This will help with giving you NCLEX-type questions and also help you study for the tests that you will be having in the class as well. I have Saunders NCLEX-RN by Silvestri and it is a great resource!

  4. by   reign
    every people has own ways and techniques in their studying. so its in the person to choose what is the best and effective for him.
  5. by   tatianamik
    I realize everyone has to find thier own method, but I'm looking for other study methods so I can experiment and tweak mine.
  6. by   peaceful2100
    I am currently studying for NCLEX-RN. Here is what I am doing. Each week I am reviewing a different topic. Like last week it was muscloskeletal and I review the sub- topics I am weak in. If I am strong in that sub-topic then I don't bother wasting any time. Then I find every nclex question related to that topic and answer them and studying it If I miss it. One of my instructors told me if you score at least 80% in that are you can safely move on. This week I am studying Neuro. I am studying a different topic or two each week for the rest of this month and all of June and then in July I will do strictly comphrensive tests only. I was given some NCLEX books as gifts and out of all my NCLEX books I have 7,500 questions and I plan to do every single one of them.

    Instructors and RN's who have passed NCLEX have repeatedly said over and over. Pracitce, Practice, Practice, Practice as many questions as you possibly can and don't just go through them but read the question and understand why the answer and the question go with each other. Learn how to become a good test taker. At a Nclex mini- workshop that I went to at a student nurse convention the instructor said that even if you don't remember studying that material or never studied that before if you have good test taking skills chances are that you can answer that question.