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Hi everyone!

I wish someone could give me an advice with my dilemma. I took the NCLEX-RN exam a few years back and passed it, but i didn't go to the states and instead moved here to Ontario. I am aware that RN assessment takes a very long time to complete, not to mention the cost. So, I decided to do the RPN assessment first which is cheaper and faster then get the RN assessment later. I already got my RPN assessment and they allow me to sit for an exam.

I found out that the Canadian exam will be replaced by NCLEX-RN, so I called CNO if they would honor my NCLEX-RN result. They told me that they haven't made the decision yet and would have it sometime in September. I was thinking of applying for the september exam. I don't know what to do whether to wait for the decision or just take the september RPN exam. I saw a reply to one post saying that BC is honoring previous NCLEX-RN result as long as it was not taken before 1982 (if im not mistaken) and that other colleges will likely do the same. What if by the time i took the RPN exam, the CNO will release their decision honoring the NCLEX-RN? I don't want to waste money and time. Currently, I am working and earning barely livable minimum wage so I was hoping to be able to practice my profession asap...With all the delays that happened with my assessment, i am starting to think maybe I should just wait. At the same time, I am also afraid CNO will disregard my NCLEX-RN result. I am so confused and don't know what to do. Your advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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From what I understand about the recognition of previous NCLEX RN writes (going back 1982), it will be used as an entry to practice examination for purposes of registration as a registered nurse. Since you applied for RPN assessment, I think the exam you need to pass is the CPNRE in order to practice as an RPN in Ontario (unless they would consider the NCLEX RN an equivalent exam for RPN registration, too - something very unlikely since RPNs and RNs have different scopes of practice)

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Do you have an active nursing license from anywhere?

Yes, I do. Thanks for the replies. I decided to just give the September RPN exam a shot. At least I have the security of not losing more time.