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NCC Fall 2012 Applicants

izieRN izieRN (New) New

I applied for the Fall 2012 program at NCC, and Im so sick and tired of waiting for the letters to come in. I called the nursing department and they told me the letters went out on Monday morning. I'm still waiting. Anyone get their letters yet?

Hi izieRN. I applied for the fall 2012 evening program at ncc and I just got my letter yesterday. The waiting was torture but thankfully I got accepted so it was worth the wait! Hang in there, you'll probably get your letter before the week is over. Good Luck!

Hello all,

I received my letter of tentitively acceptance but my letter did not state whether it was day or evening. Doubletrouble2 what date and time is your interview, if you dont mind me asking.

Hi ADi1. I think I left you a response on a different thread. Don't worry, I think all of the letters say tentatively accepted...mine does too. I'm pretty sure as long as you show up at the interview, can communicate effectively in english, and can prove your citizenship, you're in. My interview is on May 22nd at 9am

my interview is @ 10:30> congrats again amd good luck

Congrats you guys...

Unfortunately I wasnt accepted into the the program at NCC. But I will be starting at SUNY Broome in the fall.

iziern, congratualtions on your acceptance to broome! sorry we won't be getting to know each other at nassau but i wish you the best of luck in your nursing career!

i have been "tentatively" accepted upon interview to the ncc nursing program in the fall 2012. i actually lost that letter. does anyone else have an interview tomorrow at 10:30? and if you do, do you know where??? my letter also didn't indicate if it was the day or evening program. i also have work at 12pm..is the interview longer than an hour?? thanks for your anticipated help!