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ncc certification lapse


Hi! Has anyone outhere had their NCC certification lapse? I graduated from a NP program in 2002 and became certified as a whnp the same year. For horrible reasons beyond my control could not pay for the renewal of my NCC certification. I had all ceu's but couldn't pay. I know found out my np program was not nlcan certified at that time since that type of certification for np schools didnt start until 2005. I was told by the ncc that I would have to repeat my whole np program and or post masters. I have called around to various np programs and they thought this was crazy none can really accept me since I already hold a masters degree. I am grandfathered to work as a np in the state where i reside but would like to move since there aren't any whnp jobs in my area. I am desperate for feed back and ideas since, I am newly divorced and need to work. No national certification means no job as an arnp.

Please advise. thank you.

Hi! This has also happened to me. I was wondering if you were able to find a program that you liked. Thank you!