NC to WY RN?

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Hello. I am an RN in NC. My husband is from Casper/Wright WY area...we are considering a move back to that area.. I'd love to have some input as far as hospitals, size of hospitals, wages for RN with 18 yrs exp. ICU/OB/TRAUMA...would probably want to do OB, prefer High Risk OB...any info. would be so helpful. I know nothing about the area, and my hubby is in mining, so he doesn't know anything about the medical intities...

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Casper is a town of around 50,000 - they have one hosp. that is approx. 200 beds. Many people would consider that a small hosp, but it is probably the biggest one in the state - comparable in size only to the hosp in Cheyenne. I'm not the expert, but I know that many pts. are brought there from other parts of the state for care that rural hospitals cant provide. For example my aunt went there for a cardiac catheterization since it was the nearest hospital providing the service... 2.5 hrs away from her hometown. I'm not sure about high risk OB, although recently I knew of a PIH pt. in the same town my aunt lived in, she was flown to Salt Lake City.



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Wyoming Medical Center in Casper is a level 2 trauma center of about (as previously mentioned) 200 beds. Most high risk pregnancies and critical pediatric patients are flown to Denver and Salt Lake.

Currently, this is the only hospital in Casper. Recently ground was broken for a 30? bed Neuro specialty hospital on the east side of town. It is my understanding that this is scheduled to open in mid 2008.

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