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NC A&T ABSN 2021


Hi everyone! I am planning on applying to NCA&T ABSN program for 2021 and need some help. I haven’t taken the global health nursing course at A&t but I am hoping one of my other classes from my bachelors will count. Does anyone know what classes they have taken? Any information would help! I’d love to speak to someone in the program or graduated from the program to see what to expect and if you have any tips!

I plan on applying for 2021 as well. I did complete the course at the school. I remember during an info session it was stated you can take the class at a different school as long as it was a global studies course. I would e-mail the department and ask if the class you have is acceptable.

Hey! I ended up taking the class over the Summer, I think you were in my class. I have all the prerequisites completed. Are you applying anywhere else?


I did complete the class this Summer. I am applying to WSSU and A&T. I wanted to submit my application Saturday, but I take the CNA test 8/14. I didn’t want to apply and get denied without having all the criteria. Where did you find the information for the essay? I couldn’t locate it. I did e-mail the department but I haven’t received a response yet. Which schools are you applying too?

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I’m applying to UNC and A&T with A&T being my first choice. I live in Durham so WSSU is too far of a commute for me! When you go to the ABSN application on the ABSN webpage you can click through it without entering your information. The second to last step is submitting the essay and it list all the criteria for it!

Thanks! A&T is my first choice as well. I’m so anxious I just want to make sure everything is perfect.

I know! Honestly I am so nervous too. I didn't do amazing on the TEAS so I'm a little concerned about that. Do you know how many people they accept?

I'll keep you updated with anything I hear from them. I hate that it's just a waiting game pretty much.

I don’t feel like they have a definite number per se. When I attended the info session I asked, and it was 30, but the current group was like 15 I believe or lower. I think when they updated the criteria a lot of people didn’t meet the qualifications, so that was the reason for a smaller group. I read in another forum the school just wants your score to be higher than the national mean. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best. I’ll be excited to accepted to Winston or T.

I finally submitted my application!! Great feeling. Now for the waiting process.

Yay! That's awesome. I am hoping I'll hear something soon. I haven't heard back at all. I just want to make sure they received my application! Let me know if you get any communication from them.

Hey ladies,

Did you both submit the essay prior to hearing from the school of nursing?

Yes, there is a place to add it on the ABSN application!

See I thought we submitted that after UG admissions finished processing everything!

Also, have they added all your transfer credits yet? I'm still waiting for them to review my transcripts.

Yes, it says my application is completed but I haven't heard from anyone. You can submit your ABSN application by going to the nursing website on NCAT and it's listed at the top of the page.

Okay I saw that but didn't see any information about the essay before I opened the link. I'll look at it later, thank you.