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Navy Nursing Requirements


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I am trying to find out information regarding Navy nursing. I graduate in a couple weeks and plan to hopefully take the NCLEX next month. I've wanted to do this for a while now and I feel clueless.

-Are there specific GPA requirements I have to meet?

-Is it recommended I start the application process before I get a nursing job or wait until I am working for a couple of months?

-How competitive is it to join?

- Are there physical requirements as well?

Nunya, BSN

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Just call the nearest Navy recruiter. They'll have all the answers, and they might even want you before you start a job. There are height/weight requirements as well as PT (physical training) requirements.


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I am going through the process of getting hired by the Navy right now. From what I understand, unless you are joining via the NCP (Nurse Corps Program) or ROTC, then you need at least 6 months experience in nursing prior to joining. Keep in mind that the Navy loves certifications, so if you want to be an ICU nurse, get the CCRN certification.

The application process is incredibly long. There is LOTS of paperwork. Seriously. Start taking with your recruiter now.

You have to meet the standards of the Navy to enlist, (acceptable security clearance, pass health screenings, able to meet the height and weight standards, etc).

Also, please make sure to speak with a Navy Medicine Recruiter. They are specialized in processing Naval Medical Officer's, and generally are all very helpful and knowledgable. (Also, don't forget that you can switch recruiters if you don't vibe well with them)!

Please let me know if there are any other specific questions I can help you answer!

Good luck!