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Navy Nurse....waiting and wondering!

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Hello all!

I have been watching this forum for quite a while now and figured that it was my turn to ask a few questions.:wink2:

I am going to be graduating with my BSN in June 09. I have always been interested in joining the armed forces and I am super excited about (possibly) getting into the Navy Nurse Corps. I have been working with my recruiter for the last month and I think I am almost ready to submit my packet. I have completed my interviews, physical, countless paperwork...

For all of you that have been accepted/selected, I was just wondering how compettitive the selection process is?? Has anybody not been accepted and for what reason (if you dont mind sharing)? I have a 3.7 GPA, have wonderful references, but I just dont know how well this will help me. I am worried about being a new grad....will this make me less competitive at the selection board as opposed to an RN with experience?

Any and all input or advice is greatly appreciated. I should be asking my recruiter these questions, but he is currently on a few days leave. So I find myself thinking about it constantly....


Hi there!

Have no answers for you, but actually had a question for you since I am going through the same process. I'm a couple of steps behind, still working on completing the medical form. Just curious, if you don't mind me asking, how was the interview?


The interview is fairly easy. From what I got from it, all they really wanted to know was who I am in general...very laid back! Good luck! How has the process been for you?

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