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Hi There!

I am graduating from nursing school this May and have just recently submitted my application for the Navy Nurse Corps. I just got a call and have my interview this Thursday!

For those who have gone through the process, can you give me any ideas or heads up on what to expect? I don't want to screw it up!

Thanks so much!


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I had two interviews. One with a supply officer (in person) and one (over the phone).

In person interview I wore regular interview clothes a business suit I think Black or blue.

I took a copy of my resume. The officer had a copy of my resume and a form they have to complete

from my recruiter. He asked me some general questions about myself, what college did I go to?

Why I wanted to join the Navy? Why I wanted to be an officer.etc. Luckily his wife works in

healthcare so he was very familiar with my job. I told him about leadership experiences, etc.

It was not stressful. Then he told me that in the first 10 minutes he can tell rather someone will

do well in the navy as an officer or not so after that he stops and just relaxes if not he continues.

Well he said he felt I would well and then we started talking about where we were from (his hometown is

1 hr or so from mine), home cooking, holiday travels etc for like another 20 -30 minutes. He gave me some

advice and let me ask him questions after that.

My phone interview was pretty much the same but with more detailed questions about healthcare

and my experiences. My phone interview didn't take long and that officer also gave me time to ask

her questions which was VERY VERY informative.

It wasn't stressful both were some of the best interviews I have ever had because after they did

there thing they sat back and let me ask my 101 questions about military life etc. Both gave me their

information to call if I had questions or needed help with anything.

Well I hope you get a chance to read this before your interview.

Good luck and let us know how everything goes.



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Thank you so much for sharing your experience! That is very helpful! Definitely eases my anxiety.

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