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Navy Nurse Candidate Program


Hello everyone,

I plan to join the military through the Nursing Candidate Program. But, I have not started my kit and my recruiter won't reply to my emails. I live in San Diego Area. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do next? I recently received my acceptance to CSUSM Fall 2014 and I am really worried that I am behind for the nursing candidate program. Thank you in advance.

Hey there,

I'm also applying for the NCP. My recruiter has been pretty good with getting back to me and I actually just started my packet today. Have you tried calling him? They're usually good with phone calls. He said that the deadline is September 10 for FY2016. Try to get a hold of him soon bc the paperwork is quite extensive. It looks like it'll take a month b/w all the paperwork, the interview and the physical. Good luck!

Hello pkwarrior68,

You have indeed a right to be concerned. We open up accepting applications for NCP on August 1, 2014.

Go on Navy.com and click on the FIND A RECRUITER link at the bottom. You are going to be asked to enter your Zip Code and then a phone number will pop up. When you call the number you are going to have to go through a 15 minute phone call of answering questions…this is standard as they ask questions to see if you meet basic requirements. Once you come to the end of that you will be given a phone number for a recruiter. I do Quality Control checks all the time, so I know this process works.

If you still cannot get in touch with someone, simply Google the Navy Recruiting District closest to you, in the case NRD San Diego, and start calling the numbers listed for the NRD. At some point they should be putting you in contact with someone.

Be proactive and don't delay on any of the paperwork or forms they ask to be filled out, and ask them for a copy of the checklist they will be using. It will help you to get some things for them and have them filled out in the correct ways.

Hope this helps,

Ciao Ciao,