Navy Nurse Candidate Program - 2011 Grads

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I was wondering if there are any NCP's graduating in May of 2011 out there? I am anxiously waiting to find out my duty station assignment.

hello! i am also graduating in May and can not wait to find out my duty station! what are your duty preferences? Are you starting to get ready for ODS?


hi, i am thinking about starting the NCP Jan 2012, getting my kit together Oct 2011. i am on the fence on this subject, really want to talk to someone that is in the program. how does everything work (step by step)

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I am a 2012 grad and just got through the process of getting accepted. It's a lot of work, so get ready for tons of paperwork and lots of waiting!

Step 1: Talk with a healthcare recruiter.

Step 2: Tell them you are interested, make sure they know you are serious. I responded to every email and request within hours and since I was working hard, my recruiter and processor worked hard with me.

Step 3: Fill out all your paperwork, get your medical records, start getting them now, order transcripts to be sent to your recruiter, find all your addresses for the last 10 years, think of people to do letters of recommendation for you.

Step 4: Go to MEPS, long day, but pretty's nice to be an officer candidate, they treat you nicer!

Step 5: Finalize your packet, get any missing info for your recruiter

Step 6: Packet submitted and goes to boards, wait some more...

Step 7: About 6 weeks after my kit was submitted, got word that I'm accepted.

Step 8: Swear in and start getting some $$!

Hope that helps!

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hello! i am also graduating in May and can not wait to find out my duty station! what are your duty preferences? Are you starting to get ready for ODS?


Sorta-kinda, I mean I work out regularly so I just have to change my routine to work on improving my pushups and situps. My workouts consist of running + taebo. Anyhow, my duty pref picks are: Bethesda, Portsmouth & San Diego... yours?

Now, with this budget freeze i'm worried we wont' get sent to ODS 'til after the summer. I am soo ready to leave, I feel like the more time I go without clinical exposure, the more nursing knowledge escapes my brain. (I did a 2yr accelerated BSN program and for this trimester and now the last trimester, we've tackling nursing leadership and community roles. NCLEX was done in september)

What school are from MRB39? Let me know when you find out where you get assigned. I wish there were more information on the orientation process and whats it going to be like when we get to our duty assignments. If you know anything, please let me know.

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May 2011 here.

Hey everyone!! First off, congrats on your acceptance/graduating from this program! I'm so jealous! (haha) I was hoping I could speak to ANY of you who have gone through this program! I just graduated with a BS in Exercise & Sport Science and am working on getting accepted into an accelerated BSN program for the fall! How has your experience been so far?! I am SO anxious to join the Navy and have been trying to be patient but know it is just the beginning! How hard was it to be accepted into the NCP?? Any advice on what I should be doing while I wait to hear back?? I have spoken to my recruiter and he said the first step is to send him my acceptance letters to nursing school.. however I hear that the process of being accepted into the program is pretty lengthy?...So how does this all work out? Also, did you find the bonus/monthly stipend to help with the cost of tuition??

ANY information would be great!

Thank you so much and good luck with everything!!


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