Navy NCP FY16 Board


The results of the FY16 Board have been released and communicated to all of the recruiters concerning all of the applications that made it to the board.

There was a HIGHLY competative group and everyone submitted was of high caliber.

Your recruiters should have already communicated your selection status to you, and if not I urge you to call them immediately to gain an answer.

For those selected Congratulations! Please work with your recruiters to ensure that there are no remaining pieces of paperwork that may be needed.

Ciao Ciao,



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Thank you so much! I am very excited and grateful about being selected. I am not sure if you would have any input on how long it might be before we would be able to sign paperwork...?

misstiko07...hello and Congratulations!!

Check back with your recruiter. That type of information I would like not to post to confuse anyone about the way ahead. If I see confusing information being promulgated I will pop back in and try to untangle things, but for now your recruiter will have the answer.

Hope this helps, and look forward to working with you in the future.

Ciao Ciao,



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misstiko07, congrats on your selection. I too was previously active duty Navy, and am in my junior yr in BSN program. I can relate to the obstacles that come our way. I started talking to my recruiter in order to start a kit for the NCP program. Would you happen to have any recommendations? Do you think your military background helped any in your selection?