Navy Hospital Corpsman to Nurse (Officer)

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I am am currently in the U.S. Navy working as a Hospital Corpsman (HM). I would like to any programs the Navy nurses went through to be commissioned as an officer. I've heard about the MCEP and STAT-21(?) programs but I would like to know more as far as lists of schools, usage of G.I. Bill (I would love to use mine for my kids, if possible), etc.

Also, I would like to know if there are any HM C-schools that can make me better ioming a nurse (as far as gaining nursing experience and skills). I'm thinking of taking cardiovascular tech, respiratory tech, surgery tech, radiology tech or maybe even biomed tech (I'd love to get something out of the Navy). I want to do FMF and become a flight nurse also.


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Of note, I have known several E-7 and E-8 Corpsmen who did the Independent Duty Corpsman training and experience, and after retirement, went through the IDC to PA completion training at a civilian school. That may be an option for you.