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Subject: A Plea for Improved Standards of Care for Healthcare Providers Struggling with Substance Abuse


To the Florida Board of Nursing and state investigator department:


I am writing to you today in response to the allegations made against me regarding my noncompliance with the IPN program. While I do not dispute that I am no longer participating in the program, my dispute lies in the necessity of the program itself for healthcare providers to safely practice nursing in the state of Florida.


I want to emphasize the importance of the well-being of healthcare providers. It is not my intention to downplay the significance of safety and regulation in nursing practice, but I believe that the state might be overlooking the crucial aspect of supporting healthcare professionals.


I took it upon myself to seek treatment independently and attended two treatment centers at the beginning of the year. My substance abuse issue was rooted in complex PTSD, which I disclosed in my initial treatment facility. The misuse of substances was never in alignment with my role as a nurse. It's important to note that my drug abuse occurred during periods of unemployment, and I was not employed as a nurse during these times.


The treatment that has been mandated for me to retain my license has had detrimental effects on my emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual well-being. While I understand the necessity of accountability, I believe the Florida Board of Nursing and the state of Florida should reevaluate the impact of their current approach on healthcare professionals.


There are two main concerns I wish to address. Firstly, the conflict of interest in the ownership of treatment facilities by the doctors who conduct evaluations raises ethical questions. Secondly, the quality and effectiveness of the treatment provided are questionable. One-on-one counseling is insufficient, and the requirement to share deeply personal stories in a group setting without follow-up mental health counseling is not conducive to recovery. The statistics from my treatment facility speak for themselves with an alarming number of relapses.


Moreover, the financial burden placed on healthcare providers is overwhelming. We are expected to pay for testing, monitoring, and counseling out of pocket without a source of income. Finding employment post-treatment is a challenge, and the lack of support from programs like IPN makes the process even more difficult. This results in prolonged unemployment, financial strain, and emotional distress.


I implore the Florida Board of Nursing to reconsider the current approach to healthcare professionals struggling with substance abuse. It is a disservice to us, the patients we care for, and the healthcare system as a whole. Our careers should not be destroyed, and we should not be left with unaddressed emotional wounds, insurmountable debt, and limited support in our journey towards recovery.


I ask you to consider implementing more effective, compassionate, and balanced programs that truly take into account the well-being of healthcare providers. We need your support and understanding, as we cannot provide quality care to patients if we are not cared for ourselves.


In conclusion, I want to emphasize that I am not willingly relinquishing my license because I genuinely believe I am not unsafe to practice nursing in the state of Florida. I am requesting the opportunity to submit myself to a monitoring regimen agreed upon by both myself and the state. This regimen would include out-of-pocket random drug testing, continued counseling, ongoing participation in a recovery program, and quarterly evaluations by the state.


I am committed to demonstrating my dedication to both my profession and the safety of patients. I believe this approach will ensure accountability while allowing me to continue my practice and provide the quality care that I have been trained to deliver.


I appreciate your consideration and hope for a positive resolution that benefits not only my career but also the healthcare system and the patients we serve.




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