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National University-SD Cohort 42


Hi everyone!

I am applying to SD cohort 42. It's pretty early so couldn't find a thread on here yet.

Have you gotten a test date yet?

I haven't. I think they send them out after the October deadline? Have you heard anything?

Nope, nothing yet. I'm assuming we wont hear anything until the middle to end of October. Until then Im just waiting...tryint to be patient.

I applied for cohort 42, still haven't rec a date yet. I work FT so I took off a month and a half to get some good studying in. PRAYING I pass the TEAS!!

I have applied..this is my first time applying super nervous at how competitive it is i didn't have this issue with my lvn years ago.. wishing i would of done my bsn years ago.. The teas is making me nervous. I want to take at sdsu and see how i do.

I absolutely know how you are feeling!! I am studying my butt off section by section. I'm working on the Math section now. I still haven't received a test date yet.

recieved my test date today. So nervous the pressure is on! November 26

I haven't. I think they send them out after the October deadline? Have you heard anything?

Did you get your date yet?

Good Morning everyone.

I got my exam date Nov 24th. This will be my first time taking the TEAS. Good Luck everyone. After reading a lot of previous Cohorts scores. I would need to write an AMAZING essay and score an 85% or higher to have a good shot of getting in!! No Pressure! :( Stupid Anatomy killed my GPA!


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Hi everyone. How did you all do on the exam day? I guess we are supposed to hear in January. Good luck, this was my second time applying.

I learned I need an English tutor! I got 100% in reading 90% math, 91.6% science and a 60% english!! So 86.7% total TEAS. If I don't get in i'll be retaking the TEAS for sure and studying English!

Hey everyone,

I applied for cohort 42 also and just took the TEAS yesterday...They give you your scores immediately and combined with your GPA, I think we should pretty much know out 'standing', right?


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Hey you got really good scores. I sucked at english too! my total score was 84.7 I hope its enough. What is your GPA?

My GPA sucks. I took anatomy and physio 10 years ago before I even thought I needed good grades! So that being said I believe it's a 3.2 but I hear NU GPA calculations are always different from the students. Oh well... I'll retake those if I don't get in. I was banking on those 20 points from not retaking classes but I guess they got rid of the old application calculation :-(

Hey all! Anyone heard anything as to when National will be sending the yay/nay results? Thanks!

So how does everyone feel about them changing the requirements yet again? Would have been nice to know 5 classes ago . I was finished applied and then to;d to complete 5 additional classes now for nothing. Not very thrilled at the current moment.