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Hi all! I'm starting this forum because the previous cohorts did the same thing and those forums have been very helpful to me. I am applying to Cohort 77 in San Diego and am wanting to connect with others that are applying as well so we can keep each other updated throughout this process. ?

Afd said:

I started the process today and I can complete majority of it this week. The only thing I'm concerned about is the physical portion. My PCP is booked months out in advance with the earliest appointment being late march ? I'll figure it out though...

Yikes! Only thing I can think of is calling urgent cares and seeing if they'll do one for you or if there is another doctor that can see you instead of your primary just for a physical.

Hey guys! I created a facebook group so we can stay connected and keep each other in the loop throughout the program. Feel free to join whenever. Here's the link:

Anyone having trouble with the compliance link? My account doesnt show what Im missing and where to submit docs..I looked over the email with all the attachments and nothing..wanted to ask here before emailing nursing.

@Mr.PMosh90 have you tried this link to create your account?

Got it all figured out..had to call and ADB had to adjust my dashboard. 

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