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Hiiii everybody,

I was creating this forum because I seen previous cohorts do it and theirs were informational (to me). I thought I'd make one for the applicants of this cohort. 

Applications are due on the 11th. How are y'all feeling? Share your stats if you're comfortable doing so. 


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Have you heard from National about an interview? 

Specializes in Lab.

I submitted my application Aug 11th right at the cusp of the deadline since I had issues for 2 weeks with getting it through, but I just got my interview invite today. They said they will be setting up the date and times slots. Good luck to everyone! 

GPA 3.93 TEAS 90 (reading 79 sci 95 math 97 eng 87)


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Hi all! Has anyone here had their interview yet? 



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Hello, I had an interview yesterday. I think that it went pretty well. These are some questions they asked me:

Why National? Why nursing? What is professionalism in nursing? How do you effectively communicate? 

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