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i'm having a lot of trouble finding information on the nursing aptitude test fccj requires for admission to their nursing program. i understand there's a reading comprehension, math and some kind of spatial logic test as well as a test on sciences. i know there are several fccj students and prospective students on this board who have taken the nat, so i thought i'd tap your collective opinions.

is the math all algebra or do i need to review my calculus and statistics?

what topics are covered in the sciences section? i'm currently in a&p i and took my micro and chemistry just over 2 decades ago. how much emphasis should i put on reviewing the "old" material and how much of my a&p ii am i going to have to "pre-learn" to do well on the exam?

is there a decent study guide you used to prepare for the nat or did you just do a general review of information you expected to see?

any input will be greatly appreciated.


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I used the logic test at when I took the FCCJ test. (Eventually ended up at JU, though.) What I recall is that I scored above the 90th percentile in logic, math, and science but apparently am unable to read. The passages are long-winded, very formal prose (written, let's say, in the 1940s) about which the test-taker is to answer questions. Here's my suggestion: don't read the paragraphs first. Read the questions first, then scan the paragraph for answers. Guess if you have to... you only have a certain amount of time to answer each of the three reading comprehension sections, and it's not long. I think FCCJ may have a practice test available, too.

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