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Nashville State Community College Nursing Spring 2021

by zBrittz zBrittz (New) New Student


I just want to start a board to see if anyone else on here has been accepted into NSCC Spring 2021 cohort. I thought it would be a good way to meet and to communicate prior to the Spring semester.

Hello, I was accepted into the NSCC 2021 Spring cohort as well. it’s nice to meet a soon to be fellow classmate! I made a board on here as well yesterday hoping that our future classmates would respond so we could get talk before our semester starts. I’m so glad I found another student going into our nursing program! I’m sorry if I seem to excited LOL 

LOL! You're fine! I'm excited that you replied to this board. Hopefully more of our classmates find it. 

Hey, I was wondering if you had heard anything else from the school? The last thing they sent me was a paper to sign and scan back to them but after that nothing. No orientation, no time, no schedule, zip. I wanted to make sure I’m not being paranoid LOL but I don’t want to miss anything. 

No nothing as of yet! I've been checking constantly too, so it makes me feel better that I am not alone in this LOL. I will let you know if I hear anything.

Hi All,

Also in the Spring cohort here and haven't heard anything either. There is a Zoom information meeting on the 14th, targeted for pre-applicants but still might be worth joining. I found reading the nursing student handbook helpful if you haven't yet checked it out. Also picked up a copy of Nursing School Thrive Guide, it's a quick read and gives a general idea of what to expect. I'm in the way too excited want my textbook now category so it was nice to have something to read. 

I will definitely check that out! I have pulled up the handbook and planned on going through it tonight. I fall in the same category of wanting my books and all the info now as well LOL. I'm a planner and like to get a headstart on things.

Hey yall check your emails. Information about orientation went out today.

So exciting. I tuned in on the orientation meeting this morning, sounds like our class size is 25. 

Thanks girl just read it! I’m glad the class will be smaller that way we can help and get to know each other. 

Is anyone else excited for orientation tomorrow? I know I am! 

OMG Yes! LOL. I'm ready to know what our life is about to look like. Im really curious about clinicals due to COVID.