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We recently built a new private room NICU. unfortunately we have also recently experienced a dramatic increase in NAS babies. Our beautiful new unit has become a flop house. anyone else having issues with this?


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Are you talking about parents staying in the room? I encourage mine to stay and comfort the baby. The baby is my focus. Can't change the parents habits or behavior but can encourage them to offer something to their baby.

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Can't you set guidelines? The hospital across town from us has private rooms and they set rules: Only one parent can stay, no food, only drinks with lids (no hot beverages), their visitation is 10-10, but there can only be one person who sleeps there. The parents are told that if they stay they are expected to care for and be up with the baby if he/she is up. And they have to sign a paper that says they agree to the rules or they lose the right to stay. You really have to have boundaries.


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We have private rooms and have also seen an upswing in NAS babies. Parents can stay in the rooms 23 hours out of the day, but have to leave for change of shift am and pm. They are expected to care for the infant as well as comfort them in-between feedings. No paper is signed, but probably should be.