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Narrative Notes GRRR!


Thanks to everyone who has been helping. I appreciate it. I've gotten way better on my NANDA'S. But on the flip side, I am having major trouble with my Narrative Notes. They didn't teach us how to really write, or what to write and when we get our papers back and I get soo depressed. I only have one or maybe two more times to redeem myself and pass. Which really sucks b/c due to outside rotations I only really got to to write 4 care plans. When I get my paper back it's like they decided to throw a bucket of red ink on it. :uhoh21: Can any one help me with this? To bad there isn't a place we can take it to get corrected :). But can anyone shine a light at the end of the tunnel for me? Please? Any books, websites? I look stuff up on Google but it really isn't what I'm looking for. Please help if you can, I have all A's in every other class but this class and It' really beating me down.

yeah i noticed that after i posted , sorry.

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