NANDA terms/descriptors - help needed!



I'm hoping some of you work with NANDA diagnosis or maybe you are a student who has recently written NANDA careplans...

I have been in nursing for over a decade...haven't looked at a NANDA diagnosis since I finished my last exam in school. I have to write an exam tomorrow and have just been told there are nursing diagnosis on it! Yikes!

I'm fine with figuring out what diagnosis goes with who/what...but I am hoping someone has a link or guide to explaining what the terms like readiness for enhancement, disorganized, ineffective...i.e all those are defined as 'officially'.


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boy! is this your lucky day. yes, nanda does officially define these terms in their publications. this is from page 385 of nanda international nursing diagnoses: definitions and classifications 2009-2011 which gives the axis 3 descriptions and their definitions:

  • compromised - damaged, made vulnerable
  • complicated - intricately involved, complex
  • decreased - lessened (in size, amount or degree)
  • defensive - used or intended to defend or protect
  • deficient - insufficient, inadequate
  • delayed - late, slow or postponed
  • disabled - limited, handicapped
  • disorganized - not properly arranged or controlled
  • disproportionate - too large or too small in comparison with norm
  • disturbed - agitated, interrupted, interfered with
  • dysfunctional - not operating normally
  • effective - producing the intended or desired effect
  • enhanced - improved in quality, value or extent
  • excessive - greater than necessary or desirable
  • imbalanced - out of proportion or balance
  • impaired - damaged, weakened
  • ineffective - not producing the intended or desired effect
  • interrupted - having its continuity broken
  • low - below the norm
  • organized - properly arranged or controlled
  • perceived - observed through the senses
  • readiness for - in a suitable state for an activity or situation
  • situational - related to a particular circumstance

good luck on your exam tomorrow.

Daytonite, BSN, RN

4 Articles; 14,603 Posts

Specializes in med/surg, telemetry, IV therapy, mgmt. Has 40 years experience.

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