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N-clex examination

by Niena Niena (New) New

Anyone know the minimum requirement of theory and clinical hours (in different subject) for foreign educated nurses in order to take n-clex in the state of Ohio? Appreciate your reply :)...

It really doesn't matter as the way they figure out the matrix it's confusing even if you found their numbers.

If you're planning to work and practice in OH the minute you pass the NCLEX-RN, then, simply apply with the OH BON and hope you meet with success, if there's some deficiencies, let the OH BON determine that for you and take it from there.

Just know your transcripts could be evaluated differently from the same batchmates, same courses and same year of graduation, as it's possible your school's transcripts may have been done differently, as one needs to depend on the school's own staff members to put it together.

Don't forget it may not just be about the minimum requirement of theory and clinical hours, there have been some that were missing certain courses altogether.

Again, this is why it's easier to just simply your application and let them come back with any further questions (maybe there might be none).

Any and all fees submitted will probably be non-refundable, whether or not, your application was approved, declined or rejected.

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Thank you so much for your reply, CGFNS was processing my credentials now, will try my luck with Ohio BON once CGFNS ready with the report :).