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It has been suggested at times that nurses do not support their professional organization like Doctors do the AMA.

I came across a magazine called "Modern Healthcare" (March 5, 2001), in our nurses lounge. No idea how it got there but being the curious type I scanned through it. One article titled, "Failed Mission", talks about how 3,000 doctors dropped out of AMA last year.

Only 32% (approx. 900,000) of doctors are members and of that another 7% are medical students or residents who get their membership for $20-$40 a year.

So that means only 25% of Dr.s are dues paying members.

And on top of that the normal membership dues are only $420.

Membership in ANA seems pretty steep by comparison. Lets face it Doc's make a lot more than an RN yet membership in the ANA is nearly $300. I don't get it.


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Peggy where did you read the article, those are interesting stats. I am a fence rider at this point,I was a member as a graduate nurse right out of school with the FNA but I too did not renew because of the staggering cost involved. However based on the situation I just went through I have researched the ana site and read alot of material. I have found they are atleast in the media and they have the opportunity right now to reach people like myself.I remeber reading the other thread about lowering the costs all the pro's and cons so I don't want to go there.I would like to have as much information as possible, Wildtime I did read your post, you do have validity too.

I know we also beat this dead horse a thousand times too, but the one thing I know that held me back, is the donations whether they are given in a different context or not they are 98% or close democrat.That has bothered me, but as I have learned Healthcare has been a primarily democratic issue. I mean no offense to any democrats by this post btw, I am just rambling my thoughts aloud.

I found that at a while back, it has alot of interesting information on both parties.

So Peg if you find anything online post the urls.


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Originally posted by PeggyOhio:


Originally posted by Chellyse66:

[QB]Peggy where did you read the article, those are interesting stats. I am a fence rider at this point,


As I said in my post the magazine is called "Modern Healthcare" it was the March 5,2001 edition page 16. It claims it is, "the only business newsweekly serving healthcare management is edited to keep healthcare executives current with news and trends in the field".

They do have some articles on-line but you have to pay to view archived material. I just happen to find this issue in the lounge.

I'm right next to you on that "fense". I had just about made up my mind to bite the bullet and pay the dues in the hopes that if we all get behind the ANA they can lead us out of this mess. Then I found the article and I'm right back on the "fense". I just wish they would lower the dues to around $100, I think they would get more members.

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