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My thoughts on the proposed merit system...

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by john83 john83, BSN, RN (Member)

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I've been pondering on the proposed merit-based system for some time now...Considering that the proposed merit based system will favor those with advanced degrees, trainings, years of experience, accomplishments achieved over time, etc...I being led to a conclusion that it(this proposal by whoever in the US gov't) will favor the older applicants, somehow defeating statement of the American Hospital Asscociation:

"The nursing shortage affects not just hospitals, but also nursing facilities, assisted living

facilities, home health agencies and health clinics. The problem will only get worse as

"baby boomers" get older and live longer, placing greater demand on the health care

system. And many of those "boomers" are nurses themselves, who are already beginning

to retire."

Unlike in the present system where both the young and old applicants are given equal opportunity to immigrate legally provided that they comply with the requirements for immigration(nursing exams, english exams, documents, etc., no experience needed). In the present system, the employers are the ones who make the determination on who among these applicants will be hired/petitioned, after all, everyone will be trained(again -this "again" statement will not apply to fresh graduates)when they get to the USA.

I still favor the present system and strongly oppose the proposed merit system(as if I have a voice in congress)because of equal opportunity across the age group.

Present immigration system with the reinstatement of a permanently current Schedule A visa category.

Oh before I forget, waiting for the immigration process to complete takes time and the proposed merit system will add insult to injury(especially for young applicants); by the time an applicant gets to the USA(if he/she ever gets there), he/she is already in an advanced age(late twenties and up) due to the precious time lost given the provisions of the merit system.

These statements are my personal sentiments; I'm merely ventilating my thoughts on the proposed merit-system. I hope that all of you would understand. Thank you.

May the peace of the Lord be with you always!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.