My predicament regarding my desire to become a nurse and my passion for english


Hello, I am currently in my first year of University and I am hoping to get into the faculty of nursing. In high school I took many sciences such as biology, psychology, chemistry and interdisciplinary science (biomedics) that are all at the grade 12 level. Although I do enjoy these sciences I absolutely love english. I blame my high school english teachers for making english something that I enjoyed into something that I incorporate in my life. I enjoy reading, I analyze every commercial on tv and I cannot bear to disregard a very meaningful event without thinking of a previous quote that I have read. I am just wondering if anyone has ever switched from nursing to education or after getting their bsc degree in nursing has anyone gone back to post secondary to become an english teacher or english professor? I am not crazy I am just a young man in distress. Lastly, nursing interests me because of my desire for science as well and the fact that I can obtain a doctorate if I desire to further my education in that direction. Your comments and opinions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you! -JoustingJorem

Ohh and also no matter what I choose, I need to be able to help people because that is what I have always desired my profession to be based upon. I am not afraid of blood or death or anything like that either this is merely my desires split evenly

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Are you in the US? If so, you are certainly looking at careers with a lot in common - in terms of burnout, career stagnation & burnout - LOL. I come from a family positively "infested" with educators so I can attest to the fact that teachers are just as under-appreciated as nurses. Well, at least you didn't throw Social Work into the mix.

Seriously, you need to do a bit more exploration into the realities of day-to-day work involved in both careers. From what you wrote, I think you are idealizing the world of teaching.... their days are filled with disrespectful students, disgruntled parents and demanding administrators as well as long hours grading papers and re-working lesson plans in hopes of motivating at least a few students. Maybe that is just in the US.

Haha yes I agree I live in Canada and it all depends on the school. Thanks for your input!