My nursing program is "strongly suggesting" a Littman III


Hi all,

I'm starting NP school this fall and we're being told we should "plan on spending at least $100" on a scope because it is "an important investment." I don't disagree with the latter, but having read some of these threads, I am seriously concerned about dropping well over $100 for a Littman III (which they are strongly encouraging) if it's just going to get borrowed/swiped/stolen at school or clinical. Also, is there a case to be made for learning the skills on a less wonderful scope, in order to really be able to detect sounds no matter what I'm using?

I welcome any thoughts. Thanks all!


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I think the Littmann Cardio III is an excellent scope - you can hear a ton with it, bar none. But you make valid points for why it may not be the best choice. Have you looked at other Cardio scopes out there? I have both an ADC 602 cardio and a Kila single head scope cardio, and I can hear great out of both of them. Typically, because of the weight issue of the cardio scopes I rarely use them (I instead am currently using a Maxiscope that is surprisingly good, though not as detailed as a cardio scope).

There are other options to avoid shelling out the big bucks for a Littmann Cardio III.

Just some thoughts. Hope this helps.


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You can get stethoscopes engraved and you can put tags on them. I love my III. If it not around my neck, it is in my pocket. It is just like anything else you carry around that you don't leave by itself.

It is a tool you will have for a very long time. Like a carpenter and their hammer. Or a barber and their sheers. Or a granny with her walker. The benefits of buying "the best" will pay off over the years that you will own it. (Remember to keep that thing clean though-especially if I am your patient)

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I would just tell people nicely but firmly, no, but you can't borrow my 'scope. I mean like that :uhoh3::lol2: