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Hi. I hope anyone can give me some in sight . First off, Ive' been at a Training Nursing School in NJ. This school at first seem to be great! Even though it wa just a one flor. school sort of like business type setting. Anyways I was so stoked yay Nursing school! I got in. Took courses but I realized once some of us students that started out together like 35 in all!! We were dwindling down?! Never have I ever seen that in my life! Everyone was sad. We had a tight closed kni t bond so to speak. We were the largest class. But then one of the students told me that when she was being walked around the school checking it out. That they said yea we start out with huge class but by x amount of days or months your class will be soo small? What? So we have gone to classes some failed and retaken classes some ppl just were were fed up with the Director of the school implementing new changes every now and then> Some couldn't keep up! People have jobs families etc. But that wasn't the case.. we found out that they Director all it cared about was about looking GOOD.Never mind the students who tool out $$ heap of loans to go thru this 16 month program. No the person did not care even though they said so. Clinical was a laugh the materials were all outdated. You would think she would spend $ on the students for up to date materials?! NOPE. This school is a joke! I made good friends along the way. But was kicked out as other were due to ATI. Last minute 2 weeks before class finished they started to implement this. 25% of grade. It was a catastrophe it doesn't matter if you passed the class or not if you didn't pass this. Your screwed. So. I was not going to pay for the same class again.$2600. No way! If I were rich I wouldn't be in school now would I? So someone told me that the school is being a audited in fact they told me that there was an auditor at the school. Seems like the Director is hiding something of course what? Have no clue. Last graduating class that I was in only 4 or3 ppl passed on. This to me is not normal? I believe they are weeding out those who maybe are on the margin of 75-80. All the Director cares about is that her school stays open and this school has a lot of minorities people from different NY cities. Ethinic backgrounds. Some may not even speak English so well. But the fact is she is taking their money.!! Everyone has to take a loan if you have the $$ fine. Plus a due tution fee each month out of pocket? That it is impossible for many students who have families. But they don't care! $91.00 a month. To boot some staff are really unprofessional. There are few teachers who are great. My question is I want to transfer what ive already done into another school. I sit and realize how much$ ive invested and time which I thought was well worth it by public transportation each day.

feeling guilty I couldn't spend time with my son.Ive got 5 classes to go . I feel really bad I don't know how to get out of this "failure" feeling. There's a lot at stake. I want to continue, because I'm halfway there. I'm no spring chicken either! This has really made me come to realize as adult that I am that money is soo important for these type of business and care for student nil! We have a room that is a "cafeteria" two vending machines. NO water fountain at all. We have to bring or buy our own. When its cold we really have to stick it out. Many ppl got colds due to the fact there was no heat in bldg.! That goes to show how much they care. I don't regret making friends their and good memories. Im'sort of in a standstill I know I must go on! My thing is what do I do from here? Do I still have to pay loan ? I'm really trying to fight not to get in to a depression of self worth at this point. I did have a one day pity party.. for myself. But I know I have to move on from this disaster. Any thoughts advice greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to the reality of for-profit education programs. High cost, few resources, low standards for curriculum, low admission criteria. While, attrition is to be expected in any program, and many schools have strict pass/fail criteria in order to boost their NCLEX pass rates.

If this school is accredited, some of your prerequisite credits may transfer to another program. If it is not accredited, you may have to retake them elsewhere. Nursing credits are usually not transferrable and your new program will require that you take their courses. Regardless, you have to repay any loans that you have taken. My advice is the future is to focus on accredited, not for profit programs. Community colleges are a great place to start. Even if there is a waiting list, it will be worth it to attend a respectable program.


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I'm pretty much experiencing the same thing at my school.

It's the problem with for-profit college. I've realized my education is suffering as well. If I wasn't a semester away from graduating I would turn heel and go to a "real" college. I don't have any real advice for you. You're going to have to pay your loans off no matter what. I say make the best of it. See if you can transfer somewhere that will accept your credits. Don't be surprised if you have to start from scratch though.

Just keep on trying and you'll get where you want.

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I don't know what a "Training Nursing School" is. I thought maybe it was the name of the program so I googled it, and nothing. Whatever the name for this school is, did you do any research to see what their graduation rate is, what their NCLEX pass rate is, whether they are regionally or nationally accredited, whether the school is approved by the Board of Nursing in NJ? I would think it wouldn't take more than five minutes on Google to figure out that this was a scam. Conditions like you described would be noticed by other students and former students and should be all over the 'net.

I'm sorry but it looks like your best bet is to cut your losses and get out while you still have any money at all.


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Yes it is accredited thats the sad part. I will just keep it moving and have investigated other choices in reference to schools. Though they have been audited and of course they being they.. will hide whatever the auditor has come to find out. The reason I applied was that there is and still is a long waiting list for the Nursing program at the college. Ive' contacted several places in regards to this school, to file a complaint. I guess no on wants to open their mouths but I feel they taking my money I am going to speak up! Thanks for the advice.