My mentor is leaving...

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I just found out that my mentor has taken another job here at the hospitial. :crying2: He will be leaving off of the unit and going into telephone triage. So, I`ll pretty much never see him. I have so many mixed emotions about this....he`s been like an uncle to me and has really encourage me to finish up with the few pre reqs that I need so that I can apply to nursing school. I am really happy for him because he has been wanting to do something different for awhile. But, I can`t help but feeling somewhat abandoned...he`s is one of the smartest, compassionate, professional, and funniest people that I have ever met. I want to be the kind of nurse that he is....I have learned SO much from him and he has inspired me a lot. I was hopping that he`d stick around for the duration of me being in nursing school so he could pick me up when I start to drag....but no such luck now. I just feel so heart broken right now about this situation. I don`t want to tell him about this because I don`t want him to feel bad. So, has this ever happened to anyone else?



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