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My Little Success Story


I woke up early this morning so I could try to reorganize my bedroom...again. First I figured out how to save a little more space in my drawer. As I put away the NCLEX review books and stuffs that I no longer need, once again it came across my mind. I started to envision the whole story...my little success story.

After full five months of drudgery, I finally took the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses last January 30, 2009. That day I woke up so early and did not get sufficing sleep, but I felt like my brain was refreshed. I said to myself: "At last! 'Tis the day to make sure I'll take full advantage of all my acquired nursing knowledge." I beseeched to Jehovah God for a test that would pay off all those days and after hours of hard work and perhaps a test with propriety and equity. That morning I did not leave the house w/ an empty stomach. And just like what my friend told me, I had an egg for breakfast. It was advantageous that I did not have to take the bus coz my Mom and Uncle Frank woke up earlier to drop me off. I arrived at the testing center 30 minutes early and I was the very first one. First they checked my ATT with my identification then scanned my fingerprints. They made me read the rules and regulations of the testing center which was running in my mind as "blah, blah, blah..." I did not want to register any more information in my brain that was about to explode. I had to make sure I had no distractions so I emptied my bladder just right before the test. They had me locked my things up in one of the lockers, then scanned my fingerprints the second time. The proctor finally let me in. Before I clicked the mouse in order to start the exam, once again I prayed to Jehovah God for his guidance. I told myself: "This is it!" The first question was easy that made me more dauntless. As I go on, there wasn't any question that I wasn't familiar with. I was confident that I was going to finish at minimum questions. And I did! The computer stopped at 85 questions in less than 2 hours. I raised my hand and the proctor escorted me as I left the testing area. And after he scanned my fingerprint for the last time, he sent me home. I was so enthusiastic and called my Mom right away and told her that I finished at 85, which means I have either a very low, or a very high ability.

I was confident that I passed the test, until I talked to some people. They said that the test is supposed get difficult as you reach the higher level questions. And in order to pass the test, you have to get to the difficult level. That is why a lot of people who failed, thought that they might have passed it because they found the test easy, without knowing that the computer was giving them low level questions as they keep on answering them incorrectly. I also found out that the way they score the test is not about the number of items you get right, but how you answer the difficult ones. And all those statements made me paranoid. "Why didn't I get difficult questions?" "How come the questions were easy?" "Was I so dumb that the computer did not want to give me a chance?" "Was it easy because I knew the answers or it was just absolutely easy because my ability was undoubtedly low?" My anxiety level went monstrous when I called an NCLEX review instructor. I left her a message asking if she knew students who found the test easy and passed. Then she answered: It's really hard to tell if you passed or you failed, it is true that the exam is difficult, but maybe it was easy for you because you studied a lot and you knew your information. It is very hard to tell just by the number of questions that you answered. And so you could either pass or you can fail. At this point all you can do is wait for the boards to get your results, but don't get discourage hon. You studied, you did everything you could and you followed the study prescription. Five months is a bit long however you were studying and I suppose it's ok because you were learning. Nobody could tell, but the exam is difficult. Maybe it was easy for you because you studied a lot and you knew it. So that's the possibility hon so don't get discouraged." Right after I listened to her message, I had to convince myself that I must be geared up whatever it is. I started to gather my NCLEX review books and notes together and told myself that I can try it again after the grieving process.

February 20, 2009. I waited for the mailman, just like what I had been doing for the last 3 weeks. At last! I received a small envelope from the boards. Because of my exhilaration to open it, I even forgot the significance of a small envelope, which means I passed it. (Candidates who failed receive a big envelope that contains application papers to do the whole thing over again.) As soon as I saw how the letter looked like, which looked exactly the same as my classmate's who passed, and looked exactly the same as the one in my dreams, with my nerdy picture on it, I shed my tears, without even reading it yet. I knew that I passed, then I started reading which made me shed my tears more, as if I were in pain. I tried to call my mom but I wasn't able to get a hold of her. I did not know what to do and I couldn't explain how I felt. I saw my step dad parking outside and I ran into him with the letter in my hand and with my arms open wide. He said "Something happened love, what is it?" I hugged him so tight while I couldn't say a word due to my overflowing emotions. I finally told him: "I passed!" and he said "I always knew you're gonna make it."

And that was my little success story. I wrote this story to deliver a tribute to all the people who had confidence in me more than I had for myself. I couldn't have done it without you. I thank my mom, my uncle Frank, for all the support and understanding as I've neglected the household chores, my brother for giving up the computer all the time, and my husband Rommel for all the assistance as I memorize. I thank Excell Nursing Review and Saunders review books that made my dream achievable, Western Career College with my favorite instructor Mr. Lacay who educated me and brought out the best in me. I thank all my friends who believed in me, and my co workers who made it possible to study while at work. And lastly, I especially thank the almighty God Jehovah for making all these things possible.

Congrats to you and thanks for sharing your story! Good Luck!!:bow:

Congrats! I just received a small envelope from the first nursing school I applied to but unfortunately a small envelope means I was not accepted :-( Wait list! I feel down in the dumps. Can anyone in nursing school advise me on how to get in? I am taking the prereqs and work as an Admin Asst for 4 doctors. I have volunteered for a hospital, worked for a homecare respiratory company, and observe nurses...what else can I do to get off the wait list and get in to school??!

Be patient am also in the waiting list,we will get in,it takes time but we will.

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