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My Library of books

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This is a ist of sorts of books Ive picked up to keep in my library.

Obviously I have a drug book I use

-Mosbys mine is the 2011 edition.

-Saunders Nclex RN examination

-"Clinical Management of Patients in Subacute and Long-term Settings by Mahan Buttaro

I bought this book used on a deal for $60 know that I see what it going for know on amazon. This book is really for NP's and MD I use it as my crystal ball of sorts before i call the doctor to see what the orders will be has the doctors thinking Im pretty smart:), I just use the books they do, there orders are more a less a affirmation of what I look up.


I use these to make sense of the orders of the patients that we send out to hospitals

"instant Access Hospital Admissions" by Patel


"Tarascon Hospital Medicine Pocketbook" by Esherick


If anyone has suggestions specifically to prep me for RN prereqs it would be appreciated.

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