My Introduction


:typing Hello Everyone. My name is Lewis and I am in College at Southern Illinois University

I have been directed here by a RN Friend to do my research as I am very interested in

getting into a Nursing program in the Chicago land Area. I am from Canaryville on the south side of the city.

I hope to learn alot from everyone here and will be sifting through many many posts.

I have been reading that the Moraine Valley program is very difficult to get into but I am not discouraged.. yet lol I will be changing my courses down here to the pre-reqs for moraine like Biology and College Math. This is quite the career change for me.

I was in the Military for Five years as an Air traffic controller and that is also a good job market but Nursing sounds right up my alley. The hell and high water that Nurses go through sounds appealing to me, coming from a mundane office type enviroment and working in the Tower.

I will do my best to knock my Science courses out of the park to better my Chances of getting into some kind of nursing program in Fall 2009.

Glad to be here!


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Hi Lewis and welcome to the IL forum! Can't help you with school situation as I don't live near Chicago but wanted to wish you luck.

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