My first night alone is coming!


So...I have been on orientation since mid-November, taking classes at the hospital for new grads and working shifts with my preceptor. This is my first job as an RN. Up until now I had the crutch of my preceptor. I am mildly freaking out a little bit.

My first shift alone starts on Tuesday night. My preceptors (I had one on day shift for the first few weeks of my orientation and one on night shift for the rest since I am on night shift) both believe I am more then ready to start. One of them said I was ready weeks ago. At my clinicals in nursing school a bunch of the nurses I was assigned to told me I was ready to be alone at that time.

I had some nights recently that I felt like I did not do all that I can to help my patients. I don't really know why, I just felt that way. My preceptor said it was a great night but I went home thinking that I could have done more.

Has anyone felt this way before??