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My first LD Interview... advice please!

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Hello all! I recently graduated and am going on my first interview. It is my dream job... labor and delivery at a great hospital. I meet with the panel for my interview in a few days and I was wondering if anyone had any advice. Also, what scenarios do they ask about other than the classic post c/s hemorrhage? Thanks so much!


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Hi Amandah

How did your interview go? Any tips for a new grad with an OB interview in a few days?


I did get the job, and I started two weeks ago! Congrats on graduating, btw!

My interview was mostly behavioral questions, such as:

- Tell me about yourself

- What do you do when you get stressed out?

- How would you deal a difficult patient/physician?

- How would you handle a high maintenance family?

- What would you do if you felt unsure of how to do something?

- What is the most valuable thing you learned in nursing school?

- What do you think being a team player means? Give us an example of how you were a team player in your clinicals or another job setting.

- Why do you want to work in LD/PP?

They would ask these questions, and then ask for an example of how I handled that sort of situation (if applicable). I think if you go in and be sincere, that it really will benefit you. The company that I work for really has a great team, so I made sure I drove home the fact that I wanted to become a part of "their team".

Good luck to you and let me know how it all works out!


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Thank you so much, this will help a lot I think. I will let you know. And CONGRATS on the job!!!!