My first job in a pain clinic....HELP


After two long years I finally found a job in a pain clinic. The pay is good but there is so much I'm ashamed to say I don't know. I'm constantly trying to look things up. We've had a few instances of strange events, such as a guy who is supposed to have given us a fake MRI, according to an anonymous caller (still under investigation). For the most part, I believe the patients have been genuine. I've gotten a lot of accolades since I've been there, but I feel like me and the medical assistant are like the blind leading the blind (we are both new.) The clinic is certified and has some very competent business people overseeing it, but this makes me feel even more inept because they emphasize the ultimate call in patient care is what I

Are there any courses or certifications on pain management I can learn more about the meds? I didn't even know how to calculate a morphine equivalent. I feel so utterly stupid.


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I work in palliative medicine and do a significant amount of pain management. See if there are any courses or webinars offered by your local hospice group. Ours frequently has classes taught by pharmacists and the medical director on varied topics. I would also recommend the book Demystifying Opioid Conversion Calculations by McPherson. You can find it on Amazon. Also may want to check out your area AHEC. Most in my area have classes offered on pain management. Medscape also has a pain CME series with some good information and free. You can also look for a class or webinar to fulfill your LA/ER REMS prescribing requirement.

Hang in there it will get easier. I too had very little knowledge on different opioids or how to convert. You will learn. Also recommend making sure that you have a good pain contract and look into some pain tools from a site like American Academy of Pain Medicine that you can use in your documentation.

Best of luck and congrats on the first job!


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I realize that you also asked about certification. I have not certified and only know of two options although there may be others. One is through the American Academy of Pain Management and the other through the ANCC although the latter is geared towards basic nursing. You could obtain the study guides and use these to learn even if you don't intend to certify. One example is the recommended reading to obtain credentialing from Study Aids | American Academy of Pain Management I haven't read any of these and they seem expensive but would provide a structured learning if that would help.


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Congrats on the job!