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Went to class this morning, was told I am now "offically a nursing student, and that from this moment on I am responsible for anything I say or do." :rolleyes:

Got my syllabus. What a shock that was! The thing is over 100 pages long! Already I have chapters to read. They (the instructors) were a little disorganized, and at one point all of them were speaking at once! Also, two were simultaniously writing on the board chapters that we are expected to read! The whole class was overwhelmed, to say the least. But I don't anticipate that happening anymore, as our class will be split up this week, with two of the four instructors going into each group. I haven't met my clinical instructor yet, and she is new to the faculty, so I don't know anything about her.

One advantage I have over some of the other students is that my best friend is starting her fourth semester in this program, and she was able to help me get focused on what will be expected and just how to study. Also, she's given me the low-down on my instructors, and their teaching styles. Now I know that a tape recorder is a MUST for the instructors I have first semster, as they almost never write anything down, nor do they use power-point. :o

Well, that has been my first day of nursing school experience. Just thought I would share, and I hope everyone who will be starting their first semester will let us know how it went.

Yikes! I have four chapters to read tonight. It's time for me to hit the books now.

Take care!



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I started my senior year Monday and I still feel overwhelmed..LOL

Not as much as my first year, but still a little dazed and confused

at all we will be doing in this semester.

My best friend who graduated in May bought me a magnet and I wanted to share the message on it with you: "One Day at a Time."

This really keeps me grounded when I am frazzled and think

it all has to be done at once. Just remember you are one person

and can only do so much. Eat well, sleep when you can and take

one day at a time!

Congrats on your first will do awesome!


Relieve stress.....take a prayer break!


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A word of advice (especially when you have four chapters to read). Start with the chapter outline or study guide at the end of the chapter. This will tell you the most important parts.

Welcome to the crazy world of student nursing!!:eek:


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So glad you shared with us! It just gives me the butterflies! I am so anxious to start on September 10th. Good Luck with your program:D


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It does get easier. The first week or two is so overwhelming and you start to wonder why the heck you got into this! LOL Don't worry, it will get better once you settle in.

You may want to ask your instructor if you're allowed tape recorders before you use one. We weren't allowed due to real scenarios being used and a tape recorder could cause a confidentiality problem. We had to sign a statement saying we would not use recorders and everything that was said in class STAYED there! So double check so you don't get into trouble. Good luck!


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This is my first week of being a nursing student, as well. Yesterday we had our all day orientation and talk about feeling overwhelmed! Our syllabus is also very lengthy and very full! There were 120 of us who looked shellshocked as we were told what we're headed for in this semester. I'm just worried about trying to get the right amount of studying time in, especially with work and the family. I've been getting up early this week and doing some of the required reading and assignments (listening to classical music, as someone suggested in another post, really does work). I started a journal and hope that it'll help me vent my frustrations, as well as record my accomplishments. BTW: They showed us a very touching video of this year's graduating class and that was very inspirational. Let's go, Class of 2003!!!!


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I am just starting my first year and I have a whole lot of things to cover. I will be doing Psychology and college algebra for my prerequisites for this semester. This is only six credits, therefore, I have to do eleven prerequisites between january and december in order to get in the nursing college Fall 2003.

I am planning to work very hard to succeed.

Goodluck ladies.

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