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My first day of NA clinicals

Just wanted to share with you all my first day on the floor. My very first resident slapped me across the face. It wasn't hard and didn't hurt because she is very weak but it was, well, a slap to the face! The rest of the morning was very hectic and the CNA that I am working with is not very compashionate or caring. She rushes through all of the tasks and shows the residents no dignity or respect. I feel like she's very robotic and doesn't interact with them like she should. I found myself really judging her but I know I'm in no place to judge because I don't really know what she has to go through daily. It really broke my heart to see the residents unable to talk or walk or take care of themselves. I found myself wondering how they got there? Where's their family? Why isn't a loved one taking care of them? By break I found myself feeling very overwhelmed. I started feeling like maybe this isn't for me. Then I decided to take a short walk on break to clear my mind and get some fresh air. By the time break was over I came to the realization that I can be a light for these people, if for even a brief moment in a day. I can offer them comfort when having to do something as demeaning as chaning their brief. I can rub their shoulder. I can talk to them while I feed them. I can give them respect. The rest of the day I felt really good about the little things I can do for these people. It made me realize I can do this and I am going to make a great nurse one day.

I remember getting clocked in the chin--twice--by a resident with dementia. It happens, but don't take it personally. They are confused, scared and wondering why I'm in their room at 2:00 am changing them.

As you've discovered, this line of work is physically and emotionally taxing. I can say for sure that taking care of 16+ residents has robbed me of some things, but I still give my best every night. Perhaps your CNA is just burned out. Being out on the floor alone is a completely different beast than clinicals.

Keep on going!

Yes I can't imagine. I told her a few times that day "I can't believe you do this all by yourself."


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