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My fellow RN"s need advice, any Managers out there?

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Hey guys,

My dilemma is that I am currently working in a busy hosital in Toronto but due to increase cost of living and with two little ones, increase cost of day care we need to move. Houses in the GTA are redicuolously priced.

Anyhow, I have an interview for another ICU position in a small town hospital which is full time with benefits. I just started the ICU last oct and had agreed to work for a year.

My main question is , what would be the proper ettiquette for handling references for the new job. There's no way I could stay for the year and my family is more important. Should I apporach my manager after getting confirmed employment there, use another employee etc. I don't want to burn any bridges. Help!

I was also thinking I could offer to work casual from time to time as the town i might be working in is just over an hours drive. I can handle one or two shifts q 6 weeks

appreciate any advice.

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Verbal or written agreement? There is a big difference. Your current employer has invested in you.

You have two options, be up front and honest with them as to why you need to leave before the interview.

Don't say anything and be prepared to explain at the interview why you are not using your current manager as a reference. It's a big warning sign to many employers.


Specializes in ICU, Trauma, Neuro, Informatics.

I hear ya Fiona, I was hoping to wait until I complete the interview and then get to the point where I am just waiting for references to clear before telling them.

There was a written contract stating if you left early you'd have to pay the critical care course fees which was paid for by my own RNAO money but I know they invested labour hours for the one month orientation.

I will for sure explain my situation in the interview and then tell them I just need to get my managers approval for a reference. And offer to stay as casual.

Thanks again


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