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My experience as a new nurse

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by heaverboo heaverboo (Member)

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I've been an LPN since September 06 and been working as once since October 06. I was super excited to finally hear someone wanted an Interview with me but was disappointed that I'd have to drive like 25 miles away to get to work. The interview was for a med-surg/oncology unit. So my first job was at what looked like a run down hospital that recieved nothing but the lower class income people.

First day on the job: OVERWHELMING!! And wondering why I wanted to be in the profession. Constantly running around and patients thinking they can't do anything for themselves once their in that bed in the hospital. Not being able to understand the mostly foreign doctor populated hospital also was scary. I learned and experienced a lot at the hospital but wasn't happy how they treated me. They decided when it was time for me to come off orientation and didn't ask my opinion or how things were going, which in my head was a no no :nono: and I should be involved of when I thought I was ready to come off. They were constantly short staffed given nurses 5-9 patients on day shift!!! NOT SAFE PRACTICE!!! One of the new grad nurses said she recieved 8 patients on her first day off orientation! After about 7 weeks of orientation as a new nurse and of course being short staff they decided to give me 5 patients. I tried to tell the manager I wasn't ready to be alone, and she insisted that I wouldn't be alone if I needed help they'd be plenty of help around...i dont know how other nurses would have time to help with the amount of patients they had...My days would always be hectic and crazy with that many patients. So after a few weeks of being on my own I decided to look for a new, more organized job. Applied for jobs but would never hear anything back. I had applied for an orthopedic job at a really nice hospital that I thought I'd never get. Applied for the job, got a phone call on tuesday, interviewed wednesday and heard I got the job thursday I was super excited to get outta that hellhole place.

My job now: Been there since January working on the Ortho unit and also working on my RN degree (expected graduation may 08). I Work 2 12's and 1 8. The nurse to patient ratio is 1:4 on days, manager and staff are great...Ever see a manager that comes outta the office to help take patients off bedpans and answer call lights?? Suprised me...pay isn't that great for the hard work I do but I like my job and know i'll get a good raise once I finish school. And it's nice seeing the patients progression from day to day...surgery one day and out of bed the next. People are willing to help you if they see you drowning in your work, wouldn't say that about my old job.

That's my experience i've had since becoming a nurse :wink2: And when I finish RN school i'd LOVE to work in the operating room!!!!

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Sounds like you found a great fit. Best of luck in your schooling!

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