My advice on order in which to take exams :)

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Just a little advice since I have seen some posts where people ask which order is best for taking the exams. I found that taking them in the order in which they are listed is best because material from the previous exam always seems to somehow creep into the following exam. I'm not saying that exact questions repeat themselves but I always feel like I have hit some information already while studying for previous exams while taking a test.

I almost think EC does it on purpose to make you remember information from all your studies and that is great if information pops in our heads like that while we take our boards.

Good luck, everyone! Keep up the good work!!

Have you found content from Transitions popping up in other exams?

Hmmm, I can't really think of anything specific related to the Transition exam coming up off hand. It seemed to me like that transition exam was more of a history review, much different than the other exams so far...

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