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:eek: i cant seem to grasp the muscles!!!!..............i can do most of the anterior and posterior superficial muscles....on the chart...BUT when it comes to the models of the arms and legs..FORGET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....they look all different to matter how many times i go over it...its just not stickin.....i have a 94 average and i am so afraid this round is going to knock me down...i am so frustrated i want to cry, the practical is fri and the lecture exam is thur...forget that one as well....nothing about muscle contractions are sticking either...esp on the cellular level....I AM DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:crying2:


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Use and play Poke-a-Muscle - its fun, and it will get you 1/2 way there. Then you can use your book for the remaining ones. I made up funny mnemonic devices to remember the rest.



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If you have a Droid or Blackberry or iPhone you can find TONS of apps to help you!

I have a Motorola Devour and I have about 20 or so apps that i downloaded for Muscles/skeletal, nursing apps and such..all for free! they also have ones you can pay for...but ive learned TONS of stuff from them....also on another thread on here i was pointed to this link:

and this:

some things are a little childish but honestly that can sometimes help more!!!

good luck!



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What book do you use? My Marieb book has an amazing website that I used a ton during both semesters. If you have one of those books, check out MyA& and use the the site for your book. Even if you have to pay for access, it is worth it! There are so many useful tools for each chapter. They have an awesome section called Interactive Physiology for most chapters. This section was especially helpful for explaining things like the muscle action potential stuff that you are struggling with. I can not tell you how many times I used this site for A&P I/II. I would recommend this website even if you don't use the book in your class. Here is the link We used the 4E edition, but I imagine they are all good.

Also- if you can afford it- I would highly recommend this website - A&P Revealed. Just Google it and you will find the site. It is what we used in lab instead of cadavers. It has cadavers, models, videos, quizzes, etc.

I totally understand your struggle, and I hope that this stuff can help you. I had a hard time with that stuff too. It's a lot of information to memorize and for some of us, it's not so easy.

Good luck!

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I did anatomy before the proliferation of the electronic gizmos so my suggestions are kind of old-school... but they work even when your ISP or cell provider are offline, require no batteries, and are still available after the EMP wipes the planet free of semiconductors.

1) Flash cards with the name, insertion, connection, and action of each muscle. Review at least 3 times per day.

2) Look at the pictures while covering up the labels (or, if the nukes haven't wiped out the semiconductors, you can even make a scanned copy and photoshop 'em out - but that's not old-school :-). Just keep working on the ones you're having trouble with.

3) Use your own body for review. Pick a muscle from the list and then look at yourself and picture the muscle. Contract it and see what happens. You could even have some fun with an intimate partner and label them with a body marker (how's that for old-school and for keeping your interest up?)

4) If you're not totally inept like me, try drawing them.

Just keep at it.



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thanks all!!.....been doing all you suggested....some stick,some just wont..

i do have MY A & IS awesome...i am on it EVERYDAY......thanks for the other websites as well...and thanks for the "oldschool" suggestions.....seeing I am 48,I do oldschool ALOT...hehe.....

the hardest thing i have is when you have to find them on the models...the deeper muscles...esp the ones in the forearm....i will keep pluggin away...should be doing just that now,can ya tell i am procrastinating...hehehe......ok ok...on my way....

thanks again!!!

a word bank would make life so much easier...

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