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MUSC Hopeful Fall of 2015.... other ABSN programs?


I know this is still super early but I need someone to talk to. I've been steadily working on pre-reqs. I'm really discouraged about MUSC. I've heard it is super competitive. I know that I've really goofed up in school, and I've only recently been diagnosed with a mood disorder that explains my difficulty in school as I've gotten older. I only have about a 3.02 GPA right now and apparently a 2.7 Science GPA. I still need to take Organic and Micro so that will hopefully boost both of them. Still, I seem to be lagging behind other applicants. I do have work and volunteer experience, but I'm not sure if that will be enough. And I also tried to find other ABSN programs in the state... and there aren't any. I have no idea where to begin looking in other states, as I've only ever lived in SC and haven't even visited many other states. Could anyone offer advice? Here's a breakdown of my Nursing pre-reqs:

Engllish 110: A

Composition: In progress Fall of 2014

Lifespan and Development: A-

Anatomy: C

Physiology: B+

Microbiology: In progress Summer of 2015

Statistics: A-

Chemistry 111: B-

Chemistry 112: C-

Organic: In Progress Fall of 2014

Electives Not Included but most would be As and Bs.

MUSC is very competitive. I've looked and have found no other similar programs on the east coast. All other programs require a bachelors degree. But that leaves you 2 options. Finish a bachelors in sic and apply for another ABSN PROGRAM. A lot of 4 year colleges have them for students with a bachelors degree like USC. Or you could get your ADN at most tech schools and do the ADN TO BSN programs. Those aren't to long and are also offered at many 4 yr schools like CCU. MUSC also has this profram. I know it's tough, I must ask why you are taking organic? It's not a requirement or at least I don't believe it is.

I'm going to at least apply and see what happens but I do realize that it's probably going to be slim chances. I am trying to get on Trident's wait list as well in case all else falls through. It would be a longer process going through tech, but nursing is something that I really want to do. I've looked into some other universities. USC in columbia doesn't seem feasible because they want me to transfer into the lower division, take classes, and then apply to the upper division and risk not getting in. I just can't see uprooting myself to move there for a year and then risk not getting into the upper division. Some other colleges in other states have different pre-reqs than MUSC and the ones that I have therefore taken. I don't know how I'm supposed to look into other colleges when they all have different pre-reqs.

Oh, and I'm taking Organic because I want to do nursing anesthesia some day and it is required for admission into CRNA school.

Referring to your avatar, are you a medic? If so, have you looked in a transition program? This can often circumvent less than ideal grades.

You should! It's worth a shot. You should join our group of people applying for spring! I want it's so bad so I am applying. Maybe they won't have as many applicants !

Oh the group with all applying is called

MUSC ABSN Spring 2015

I will be applying for the Fall 2015 cohort as well! Would love to share in the process!

I am an Army Veteran and served as a Surgical Technician, so I am applying to a couple VBSN accelerated programs as well that are tailored to Veterans.

All things aside... focusing on the competitiveness of the program will just get draining. Putting your best foot forward and applying are all you can do! I know waiting is challenging, but one thing I have learned in life is that dwelling on negatives serves as rather exhausting! Put in your application, and keep working hard! Don't give up! I will keep you in my thoughts and hope for peace as you embark on the application journey.

I got my acceptance letter from MUSC today ... Anyone else is planing on attending next fall? Let me know :)

I'll be there in the fall! Applied in the Spring 2015 cohort but deferred for work. Looks like the other Fall 2015 thread is more active so I'll cross post there. Look forward to meeting you all!