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Multiple State Licensing ??

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Hi Everybody:

I am a foreign educated Nurse (India) married to am American Citizen. I would like to take the NCLEX-RN exam from India.

I am applying to the State of Vermont as the they require the least formalities to get approved to sit for the exam. I really want to practice in NY but I heard that the State of NY takes a long time to process the paper work for the test.

I would really like all of your help in answering a few of my questions..

1. Can I simultaneously process the paper work for the State of Vermont and NY and write the test at the first possible State?? Atleast can I do the CVS by CGFNS simultaneously.

2. If I get licensed in Vermont can I transfer my license to NY ??

3. Do I have to work in Vermont at all before transfering my license???

4. How long does it take for the state of Vermont / NY to process the paperwork from scratch inorder to allow me to take the test??

Thank you for all your replies in advance

With kind regards,


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Ordinarily this can be done.

However, not for NY.

NY requires the CVS for all foreign-educated nurses and this is regardless if you are fully licensed already in another State. As long as you are a foreign-educated nurse they will let you go through the CVS as if you are applying from scratch. You will also notice in NYSED's website that there is only one application for foreign-educated nurse for NY and that is through CVS. There are no separate Licensure by Endorsement Form for foreign-educated nurses.

So, in the end what you think may saved you time can actually make it longer.

Also, the CVS for NY has anecdotally been more efficient now than previous years. Many are reporting here of getting an eligibility from NYSED w/in 4-6 mos and VT has slowed as well to around 4 mos processing because everyone are applying to them as a walk-thru State.

You also do not have to work in the original State of licensure when endorsing from any State to any State.

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