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Muhlenburg program vs Middlesex Nursing program?

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Can I please get some feedback from anyone in either of these programs, or if anyone has an opinion of which school is the better choice?

I have been accepted to both schools Fall 2011 program and have a major decision to make very quickly...I took MCC's test in Feb.but never really expected to pass or get in as I have heard the wait is ridiculous. At the same time I had also applied to Muhlenburg thinking I had a better chance.I received my acceptance letter to MCC in April at the same time I was about to take the TEAS for Muhlenburg. I had already paid for the test, so I took that also. I have already sent in my application fee for MCC and just found out today that I have also been accepted to Muhlenburg...I am so confused!

Muhlenburgs course schedule would be better for me, but it would cost me double to attend as I am out of county. MCC only has daytime clinicals which would make it difficult for me to work and I own a home and live alone.

Does 1 school carry an advantage over the other? HELP! Need some serious feedback soon if anyone has any...

Thank You!!!

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