how much do you actually get to work?


Hello all. The one agency that I have signed with has oriented me to only one facility; so far I have been scheduled for at least 6 shifts there, in both Er and M/S, and have only gotten to work twice - one of those days I was sent home mid-shift because a staff person wanted to come in.

I have heard that some people are signed with more than one agency...I guess I could try that but it seems like so much to juggle!

I'm trying agency to fill in holes with my schedule - I am in a MSN program and have found it impossible to coordinate a fulltime schedule. However, if I dont get to work it defeats the purpose!!!

Ideas/observations, anyone? Just wondering if any of you had the same experience.

suzanne4, RN

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Rule One: You always initially sign with a couple of per diem agencies. Then you can see who is able to provide you with the shifts that you need. And if you get cancelled by one agency, then the other may have a shift for you that day.

Rule Two: Never book yourself with two different agencies for the same shift.

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