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MTSA/ Chattanooga CRNA Schools Anyone?


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I am looking to applying to MTSA and also Chattanooga's CRNA Schools. Has anyone applied to either of these schools? I am looking to gain some insight further than what I have read on their respected websites.


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MTSA is a good program that offers various clinical experiences around Nashville with a possible 4-5mos of away clinicals. MTSA weighs heavily on their interviews. You can get an interview with a GPA of at least 3.0. That's great if you was not gpa friendly like me. You get 10 min in an interview of about 12 people staring at you listening to your presentation and then asking you a couple of questions. MTSA has their handbook online which has more than enough info about the school. http://www.mtsa.edu/admissions/catalog/

I actually applied to both. I know the UT-Chattanooga deadline is coming up quick. Did you apply to any others?


Specializes in ICU/ER. Has 3 years experience.

boynurse- I am assuming that you have applied to MTSA? If you did, did you get accepted? I am looking at having a 3.1-3.2 GPA and a little nervous about getting an interview. I feel if I do get one however I can do ok.

GorillaRN- I have applied to both schools. And if i dont get in to either I am applying to LMU. What about yourself?

I applied to MTSA this year and was accepted. I have a 3.4 undergrad GPA and a 4.0 graduate GPA thus far..., I also have my CCRN so I think that helped. I have a total of 2 1/2 years of ICU experience (surgical), and 2 years of ED experience (which doesn't count for anything when applying). I thought that the interview was very laid back..., a lot of clinical questions related to blood gases, drugs, and swan numbers. They ask you to tell them about a patient you have taken care of and from the patient you tell them about, they pick what questions they want to ask you. You are leading them... for instance, if you are most familiar with septic patients, let you patient be septic and pick a few drugs that you are most familiar with and learn them front and back.... I was very intimidated before I got there but this by far was the most laid back, comfortable interview I have had...

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