hi, I am 34 ( no time to waste getting old lol) and looking to change careers into nursing. I have a masters degree in public health and a masters in social work. I would like to get an MSN but I feel so sad that have to go far back to an associates. I have no choice coz that's the cheapest and most flex way. ABSN and traditional BSN programs are full time. I need to work as I have been out of work for school for 3 years and have loans. I have found a social work job in a hospital as a case manager with my masters but the pay is miserable. I am willing to go back to school and become an RN then do an online BSN and then after some experience apply for an MSN if need be. Any suggestions as to what specializations in nursing that my MPH and MSW will be an advantage or help me that I should look into? I don't want to waste my two degrees but I am a single mum and need a good paying job and security. I wish I knew social work and public health don't pay much. I would just have gone into nursing three years ago. My friends tell me to do OT instead but I feel OT will waste my MPH and MSW.

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Have you considered Direct Entry programs for the MSN?

VickyRN wrote an article regarding Direct Entry MSN programs (for students with non-nursing bachelors degrees). Here is the article:

Another nurse, Elkpark, discusses Direct Entry MSN programs:

Try searching for "direct entry" in the allnurses search box. There are many Direct Entry MSN programs in the country (if you are willing to move).

Does anyone know if there are any Direct Entry MSN programs in OK?