MSU Student CRNA program


I'm reaching out to all current or former SRNAs at Midwestern University. I'd like to know how you like the program? I'd like to know the good, the bad, and the ugly lol

Also, if you're an SRNA in another program and want to brag about your school, I'm all ears.

Specific questions are: do you like the front loaded set up? Are the clinical sites still 70% out of state and does that make completing the program tougher, in your opinion? Do you feel the information and course material is presented in a logical, easy to follow way? Do you think the SRNAs get along well in your class? Does the program cater to a holistic education? Any info you'd like to share that you think might be helpful?

Im applying and am looking for any info on the program. I've got the basic general info from their website. Now I'm looking for personal details :) I love learning about programs through personal stories.