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MSU Denver ANO Spring 2021

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Hey! Just wondering if anyone else out there is applying to the MSU Denver ANO program for the Spring 2021 start? I’m finishing up some prereqs this Summer and hoping that the testing center will open until July so I can take the HESI! Would love to connect with some potential future classmates!

Hi!! I am applying to MSU Denver ANO program for Spring 2021. I just finished up my prereqs this Summer as well. The testing centers are open for HESI now! I just took my test last week. Didn't quite make the score I wanted to though. :/ I was told that with all of my points (GPA and HESI) that I would be on the "cusp" of maybe making it into the program. So I am retaking the test in a couple of weeks to get a better placement. Best of luck to you! We should definitely connect!

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Hi everyone! My husband is applying for the Spring 2021 ANO program. He takes his HESI tomorrow and he still has to take Patho, Micro and Chemistry this Fall. I'm already an RN so I know how challenging that semester will be. Hopefully he will be joining you all in January.

@Clairebear how many points did they say is "on the cusp"? Just wondering how optimistic we should be haha.

Hi! Micro and Chemistry were a little difficult. Still managed keeping As.. So I have the full points for the GPA. You get 5 points for above a 3.75. As far as the HESI you get 1 point for an 80-84, 2 points for an 85-89.. And I fall in the 85-89 range :/. So I am taking it again in hoping to make above a 90. They told me that 7 points out of 10 was pretty "iffy". I am hoping 8 points will get me a spot. I also do not have any previous health care experience.

Hey! I’m taking the HESI in a week! And I just finished pathophys and A&P, and I’m taking micro in the fall! If I can get an A in micro and score in the 95-100 range on the HESI I’ll be applying with a 9/10. Also I’ll be a TA for pathophys this fall! Is he taking it at MSU?

Also to add to that, what materials did you use to study for the HESI? Did you find the actual test was harder than the study materials?

@jrose1991 Some of the test was easier and some was harder than the study materials. I also went into it without taking A&P 2. I am taking that class this semester. I think if I went to take the test after taking the second part of that class, I would have scored higher on the A&P portion. Some of the questions I had never seen in my life haha. Most of the questions did come from A&P 1 though. Did pretty well on the Math and English. I used pocket prep and practiced all the test questions on there. I feel like it helped me, you see some of the same questions. I'm going to check out some quizlets though and broaden what I study. I also bought a practice book on Amazon, but feel like that didn't help me at all. I also only started studying 2 weeks ago. So, I am hoping that another 2 weeks of studying and preparation will get me that A or A+. An A+ would get me in that 9/10 range. Also, if you're in the Denver area lets totally get a coffee and become study buddies. LOL It would be nice to meet someone going through the same process as me. Also, did the school you took your prereqs at let you take Patho and A&P2 at the same time? I was told that A&P2 had to be completed first.

I actually already took A&P II several years ago but I retook A&PI this Summer cuz the first time I took it I did terrible. And yeah I live in Arvada! I’m down to meet up!

@jrose1991 It won't let me send you a private message. Find me on FB @Claire Gorsich.

@clairebear I think I just added you!

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Specializes in Family Medicine, Med/Surg/Tele, CSICU. Has 6 years experience.

He took his HESI yesterday and got a 95%. He has a bachelors in health and exercise science already so I think that helped him get a good score and he is great at math. If he can get As in his remaining 3 classes then he will have 9/10 points.

Did anyone have to do online labs for Micro or Chemistry? That’s the only option with COVID.

I’m taking micro online this fall so not sure how it will be.

Ah, I am trying to get a 95 for my retake, so that I can get 9 points. That would be nice. We will see if that happens LOL. At least with 8 points, I believe I might have a good shot at making it. I took Chemistry this Summer and they sent me the lab kit. I had to do all the labs and then take pics and create write-ups etc. ( I feel like it took a lot more time this way than it would have been on campus) It wasn't too bad, the only part that sucked is that there was a delay in getting our lab kits and we literally didn't them until there was 3 weeks left in the class and then had to cram in about 15 labs in that time. I lost my job due to COVID, so I actually had time to do them. I have no clue how anyone else could have completed them with a full-time job. Hopefully they worked out the kinks this time around though!! I did Micro pre-covid so my labs were on campus.

I just applied to the program! I took the HESI today and scored a 94. So frustrated I was one percent off from getting the full 4 points. Does anyone know how the GPA is calculated? It says on the application that it is calculated from classes taken the previous 7 semesters, but on the website it makes it sound like it’s calculated from all the prereq classes (I took gen chem 7 years ago). That would be the difference of me getting 7 vs 8 points.

@littlemountainsquirrelThe GPA is calculated using all your prerequisites! The 7 semester rule is for prereqs that have been retaken. So for example, I took anatomy in Spring 2018 and I retook it this Summer to get a better grade so I have to include both courses in my application! Hope that helps!

Has anyone heard/received anything about acceptance yet? I looked at previous years discussions and it looks like people usually heard around Oct 23. I’m sure things are a bit slower with COVID, but feeling anxious to hear! 

No word yet. I am stalking my email.. LOL I ended up retaking my HESI though and made a 95. So, I ended up applying with 9 points versus 7. I am so nervous to find out!! We should find out soon!!!

Same boat here! No word yet but hoping we’ll hear soon! 🤞🏻

Same, I was hoping someone would post. I havent received anything yet.